Our Mission and our Main Goals


To all appearances, a new historical era has come to Hungary. This will give Christians, and, of course the Hungarian Catholic Church food for thought as to what kind of new spiritual responses to give, and forms of attitude to adopt concerning this change. MPR shall take a hand in this mission.

The leaders of MPR realized that operating abroad differs much in its goals from operating in its homecountry; and so MPR drafted a new, extended program at the general assembly held in November 1997.

The mission of MPR is to serve both the Catholic Church and Hungarian society. MPR is part of the Catholic Church, and also an officially registered civil organization, and so is part of the Hungarian society as well. The Christian and intellectual features of MPR determine its responsibility toward both the society and the church. It's not the goal of MPR to be the exclusive gathering place of all Hungarian Catholic intellectuals, still less of all Hungarian intellectuals; since MPR acknowledges unique values not shared by everyone in Hungary. However, MPR is open to every one who is willing to adopt them.


It's necessary for MPR to clearly distinguish itself from the other church organizations. It has a program that can be attractive to all Christians and non-Christians who are open minded to the Catholic church, despite not being active members of it. One of the goals of MPR is to have a special style and mentality that is accepted in Hungary (as well as within the Catholic circles) in terms of pluralism. This task is taken as a ministry - therefore MPRF doesn't want to force its values on anyone.

MPR would like to help the Hungarian Catholic Church in becoming a church that recognizes the signs of the times. It renews itself through reviving its traditions, enabling it to fulfill its mission of reaching everyone with the Good News. It especially desires to reach out to those who are intellectuals, and opinion shapers in Hungarian society, and who publicly express these values. This is to help Hungarian society to reach its true potential, and to become a nice place to live. Hungary needs to be a place where Christianity and Catholicism don't represent thirst for power or separatism, but instead service, and the quality life.

MPR shall undertake to show the Hungarian society that face of Christianity that is responsive, and which offers feasible solutions to topical social conflicts and challenges.

MPR shall offer strategies not only to the intellectuals but also to the entire Hungarian society. It's desirable that MPR sends messages to these other opinion shapers as well, to enhance integration. In addition to priests, MPR reaches out to young people ( including students ), older people, women, and ethnic minorities (especially the Roma).

Possible strategies should aim at local questions as opposed to global ones; at the interpersonal as opposed to the organizational; at the private as opposed to the official; and at the familial as opposed to the institutional. For the sake of this MPR should become a workshop, as well as take into consideration those people and other professional workshops that can support its mission.

During the next few years MPRF shall focus on Hungarian issues rather than those outside of the country. Of course MPR will continue to coordinate the regional Pax Romana organizations, including those operating in the neighboring countries.